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What Do We Do

Website Designer

What Is A Website Developer

Website Developers are programmers that are specifically engaged in the development of website applications, making sure that applications are run over HTTP from the web server to another web server.

Theme Designer

What is a theme developer?

The Theme Developer Handbook is a repository for all things related to WordPress themes Creates a layout Customizes to the client needs Installs the theme

Plugin Designer

What does Plugin Developer do?

A plugin developer creates a plugin that gives us the opportunity to work on what the client asked for. Plugin Developer is also able to get the free plugin thus saving you 30-100$. Plugin developers also ensure the plugins work properly, this way you are not only saving money but also time.

Graphic Designer

What is a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is something you should never skimp on. It’s the ultimate mark of your business and the most important first impression you can make. MikkiWeb has in-house designers that will work on the client’s design until they are satisfied with the work.

IOS/Android Development

What is IOS/Android Development

IOS/Android development is a fast-growing industry. MikkiWeb has all the tools that this kind of project can be done in a way the client wants. Just contact us and we can talk more about it!

SEO/Social Media

What is SEO and Social Media

MikkiWeb has a lot of experience with doing SEO and Social Media marketing. Social Media and SEO is a fast growing in this century! We can help you out with growing your business from the ground and up.

Our Work

Explore MikkiWeb’s creation. We will work diligently to create the website that you envisioned. Our designs are top of the line and compatible with all devices.

Our Work

Our Services

MikkiWeb always makes sure all the clients get the most updated platforms and social media out there guaranteed.


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